ULTIMANadin Victorya Mazpane

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Находится: (Latvia, USA)

Mixed 2017. I was looking back and saw the cloudy mirror of Destiny. I saw the Temple of the All Stars`. An Ahead Angel of Art awoke. He looked around and said “She is not here…”…and fell down to his Throne of Light again…”We have to do something…to help him” said the Destiny…Her voice was so sad…”I think I know what I have to do” She drew the something on the air…The star wind blew the some words to me “…By the name of God…by this an ancient symbol of Fortune…Feel his pain! Come… the Star of Wishes!!!” Next moment I saw the amazing shinning on the Virtual heaven…The golden arrow has missed from the Angel`s heart. He slept on his Throne of Light and smiled in his dream. I understood…he had lucky dream…I turned forward and was looking to the abyss…I saw the other Venus reflection again…I think…I saw the ugly witch… The star wind blew… her horrible scream…to me…
Автор: Nadin Victorya Mazpane

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